Celebrating Milestones with ChallengeCoins4Less

Custom-CoinsThe giving of challenge coins, medallions or small coins with an organization’s symbol, used to be limited within the military. This practice was done during the Roman Empire wherein they gave coins to soldiers whom they wanted to recognize for their accomplishments. Another story about the origin of challengecoins states that the practice was done during the World War I. It was a way for American soldiers and volunteers to show unity and citizenship.


A challenge coin reportedly saved the life a young American pilot who was thought to be a spy by his French captors. He was saved from execution after a French captor recognized his challenge coin and verified that he was indeed an American soldier.


More than being a means of membership and identification, coins also gave the members of the United States military the chance to strengthen their camaraderie. There are even challenge coins for every military unit. Soldiers had to show their challengecoins first before posting challenges and dares. Only those with the same coins could challenge each other.


In time, the coins in the U.S. military went on to serve the same purpose it had during the Roman Empire. They are now also given to outstanding soldiers as signs of reward and recognition. The citation is done with a handshake and is followed by the handing over of the challenge coin. This shows the importance of the seemingly small token, which is treasured so much within the U.S. military ranks. It has even become a tradition for officers to trade challenge coins during visits and conferences.


This practice has transcended the U.S. military and is also being done in the police force, fire departments and other government organizations. The coins being given out by these organizations remain to recognize the integrity and exemplary public service works of the recipients.


Recently, the practice of giving custom challenge coins has taken an unexpected turn. ChallengeCoins4Less notes that the U.S. military tradition has become a popular practice in the corporate world. Companies have been giving out business coins to recognize the achievements of their employees, celebrate the accomplishments of their departments and honor the successes of their enterprises.


Since giving challenge coins has been effective in boosting the morale of the recipients, not to mention that it is an inexpensive cost, other establishments have followed suit. Entrepreneurs hand over custom coins to their staff members while school department heads give challenge coins to their teachers. The same is done in other industries with the purpose of rewarding accomplishments. Small scale and medium scale companies have even joined in the challenge coins bandwagon.


There is nothing complicated in the process of giving coins. We at ChallengeCoins4Less assure you that having challenge coins made is a simple process. We just need the company’s preferred design, shape, and style then everything is good to go. Customization is at the heart of ChallengeCoins4Less because the companies are made to decide on each and every aspect of the creating process – the design, cut, style, edge, color, material, coating, packaging, size and weight.


As of late, another development has come up in the challenge coins tradition. Now, events not related to the workforce and government service give out coins. They have been used as souvenirs in gatherings because of their affordability and flexibility in terms of customization. The purpose of giving recognition to the recipients is not in play whenever challenge coins are given away at parties, but these are still capable of promoting camaraderie and commemorating important events. With this in mind, we, at ChallengeCoins4Less, offer options that can transform the traditional coins into keychains and bottle openers.


In a New Year’s party, challenge coins may be customized to welcome the incoming year. A game can be held to search for the New Year’s coins in a venue. Such tokens also serve as prizes in games that will be held during the party. Moreover, the challenge coins can be used during the well-loved Easter egg hunt. The coins can take the place of the Easter eggs or they can place these inside plastic egg containers along with the usual Easter treats like candies and chocolates. The hunt for challenge coins is also a hit during Christmas parties. The customized Christmas coins also serve as prizes or party souvenirs.


You can also use challenge coins to add excitement during birthday parties of children. The coins can be part of a creative activity wherein children can customize them or use them in an artwork. Coins may also be given away during engagement parties and wedding receptions. They are often considered as souvenirs because coins also serve as collector’s items. They also work as tokens during team building sessions, seminars and retreats.

The purpose of giving challenge coins may have evolved but one thing is for sure. They aid in celebrating life’s milestones. Whether the milestone is a party, wedding, achieving a service award, attaining membership in the military, or doing a job well, it is a highlight, which is worth relishing with a challenge coin.